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If you have a metal finishing problem, we have the cost-effective solution.


Extensive experience in systems design, plating management, system analysis,
quality control auditing, systems troubleshooting, analytical lab design and
operations, personnel training, deposition technical support, spec and aerospace
plating. Nadcap CP auditor, ISO 9000, 5-S,
and Six Sigma knowledge plus international

and multi-cultural experience.


Professional Associations

Present or past member:
(American Society of Metal-finishers & Electroplaters)

NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing)

ASQ (American Society for Quality)



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  Hands-on experience in.

  • Rack design
  • Plating line design and installation
  • Spin dryers
  • Rectifier troubleshooting
  • Auxiliary anode design
  • Cathode robbing and shielding
  • Wet lab design and installation
  • Tank design and construction
  • Filtration systems (bag, disc, plate, and cartridge) and installation
  • Waste control and treatment to total destruction
  • Water quality, recycling, and conservation
  • Parts buffing and polishing technology and applications
  • Powder coating systems installation and operation (fluid bed and electrostatic gun)
  • Castings cleaning, derust, debur
  • Quality system verification via various measurement instrumentation
  • Automated and manual rack and barrel lines

Systems Experience.

  • Decorative chrome
  • Hard chrome
  • Bright nickel
  • Watts nickel
  • Woods nickel
  • Electroless nickel
  • Sulfamate nickel(electroforming)
  • Cyanide copper
  • Acid copper
  • Pyro phosphate copper
  • Black Phosphate
  • Bright acid zinc
  • Acid tin
  • Alkaline zinc on aluminum
  • Resin impregnation
  • Heat treating
  • Yellow Brass
  • Acid Cadmium
  • Chromate conversions
  • Bronze
  • Black Nickel
  • POP